Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Embee Really Helps

EmbeePay helps you earn EMBEE POINTS that you can redeem for free mobile service and content for your phone, as well as other products like gift cards from leading online retailers.. I learned about EmbeePay to my brother Morris, and great application of facebook, i had fun and then earning points to redeem free load! April 16, 2011 when i started to registered.. Registering  to Embee I got 10 embee points automatically. Validating my phone number embee gave me also 10 points reward. And confirming my e-mail, I got 5 embee points. Sharing my information I got 2 embee points. Great!! Almost there to top-up Php150.00 load for free. Completing the 50 embee points for 150 load, I sign up to there many application, watched movies. WOW! April 20, 2011 I got 54 embee points and YES! i redeemed it getting 150 load.
Publishing my top up they gave me 2 embee points. Really easy to earn.. It does not cost anything and entirely free and many Paychecks don't require any purchase to get Embee Points. Some offers may ask if you are interested in purchasing a good or service, so read the terms carefully. If you want to purchase to the service, by all means say yes! Otherwise, there are a lot of great Paychecks that you can do which are completely free.Embee points are rewarded by the Paycheck Providers, who ensure you have completed the requirements for receiving your Embee Points. When the provider issues the Embee Points to your account, they are available for you to redeem for a wide variety of mobile and gift card products. Receiving Embee Points typically takes 15 to 30 minutes following completion, but it can take a day or two, particularly for higher value Paychecks. 

If you've completed a Paycheck but haven't received your Embee Points, here is the fastest way to get your Embee Points. 
  1. First, identify the Paycheck Provider (Tapjoy, Sponsorpay, Supersonics, etc.) where you did the Paycheck and click on the tab. Each Offer Provider has a Help button, like "Missing Embee Points" - click on that button.
  2. You'll see a list of Paychecks that you've either completed or initiated. Scroll through the list to find the Paycheck where you're missing Embee Points.
  3. Click on the link to contact customer support and provide all requested information to the best of your ability.
Customer Support typically responds within 24 to 48 hours. If after that time your claim is not resolved, please contact Embee Customer Support at support@embeemobile.zendesk.com and we'll work to expedite resolution of your claim. 

Earn Points using:

or via:


Google Checkout
Credit Card


  1. i registered at embeepay & i validate &U i invite 5 friends but nw he say please contact


    what is this admin

  2. my username is Aqib_aziz49@yahoo.com in facebook

  3. qadirabduloo8: maybe the invited friends are not totally registered..you may contact support@embeemobile.zendesk.com..

  4. even i hav same problem wen i press validate it is saying to contact support@embeemobile.zendesk.com and i hav joined my 5 frnds but i didnt get any points

  5. y cant i add ma mobile no to sms activatn?

  6. i registered 26 friends on embeepay but i am not getting my points

  7. i want to reactivate my account, so kindly guide me how to reactive my account

  8. aqib.marif@hotmial.com in embeepay favorites allication plees embee pay point free send